About Us

We are a small team of two computer & technology enthusiast guys who work together on many projects around the web, not just this one. It's our love and pleasure to create as many useful apps as we can and share it to the world for free as a contribution of our skill. Of course not all of our projects are free, we need to make for living from something. But software like Instagram password recovery tool are free because we know that feeling when you forget a password of some account and you didn't save it anywhere. It's really a pain when you lost your account and need to waste time on making new one. This is why we want to help people with applications like these. Wise quote says: "Always give something in return." And this is our legacy from our years of experience in programming.

When to Use This App

We believe our tool will come helpful to people in many ways, and here are the most searched needs for Instagram Hacking solution.
1. Parental Control - We all know there are thousands of children, especially minor girls who are not aware how dangerous can be to put some 'provocative' photos of themselves online. There are bunch of perverts in every corner lurking for images of innocent young girls over social networks. So if a parent can know their children Instagram password to login they can react fast and remove these photos before they reach their kids to waste time explaining them why they did it.
2. Password recovery - If you for some reason forgot your login password or someone hacked it and changed profile info, you can use our software to simply recover your lost Instagram password. Just input the link URL address of your profile, press the button and you will have it in less then minute.

Terms of Use

You agree to use our tool just in purpose of parental control or recovering lost/forgotten password.
You are not allowed to use Instagram Hack tool to steal someones else account or its private information stored inside. By doing so, you are risking the law violations and any aftermaths will be held by you only. We will not be responsible for any irregular usage of this software.

"Instagram" is a registered trademark of Instagram.com Inc. All information and materials shown at this website should be strongly used for ethical purposes only.

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